Treatment of generator exhaust gas

GENERATOR Emissions Treatment

Viet Water provides customers with optimal technology solutions, in accordance with the lowest and most effective investment costs. Provide technical drawings, instructions and construction supervision for the items that the Investor can perform. After design, construction, operation, etc. Viet Water will train and transfer technology completely to partners.
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You are looking to install a generator exhaust gas treatment system with reasonable cost, stable operation, high quality, low operating cost.

The Company's emission source is a problem that needs to be solved to ensure environmental requirements.

The exhaust gas treatment system of your company is often having problems, the parameters in the exhaust gas after treatment are fluctuating and difficult to control.
Your customers apply environmental ISO to your products.


How to have efficient and standard generator emission technology, reasonable cost, stable operation, suitable for production scale? That's what investors are always interested in.

Understanding that problem, Viet Water Joint Stock Company has designed and built many different factories, built, installed, renovated and upgraded exhaust gas treatment systems. Now, Viet Water offers different solutions depending on the existing premises, investment costs as well as the needs of the Investor to advise on individual cases for customers.


The current generators mainly use oil to run, the emissions of the generators have the following general characteristics:

Table: Composition and properties of generator emissions


Composition and properties of generator exhaust gas



  • The principles are based on:
  • Low investment cost.
  • Low operating and maintenance costs.
  • Environmentally friendly technology.

VIET WATER Joint Stock Company would like to introduce to customers the most effective emission treatment technology today, meeting the criteria of the business. Ensure that the output exhaust gas meets QCVN 19: 2009/BTNMT – National technical regulation on industrial emissions for dust and inorganic substances.

TECHNOLOGY Diagram of GENERATOR Emissions Treatment SYSTEM

Absorption tower (combined):

In the Absorption Tower (combined), where solvent absorption takes place, the toxic gases generated from the generator run will be absorbed with the solvent, followed by inert gases such as SO, CO. chemically adsorbed. The layer of supporting material in the tower helps to distribute the amount of chemicals evenly and can be exposed to the exhaust gas to the maximum extent.

After the solvent is passed through the absorption tower combined with adsorption, it will be recycled and reused, and the amount of water and chemicals lost during the treatment process will also be automatically replenished.

After the operation, depending on the pollution level of each machine, this amount of solvent will be replaced.

In addition, there is also a manual emergency exhaust system, in case of stopping the gas treatment system or technical problems.

Exhaust fan:

Exhaust fan is intended to bring air through the Absorption Tower (combined with adsorption), helping the exhaust gas after the generator to have a design escape, avoiding the case of "air blockage, gasification", affecting the life, generator capacity and energy consumption.


Save on initial investment costs.

Save operating and maintenance costs for the system (main operating materials are water + electricity + solvents).

The system ensures good operation in case of long-term doubt.

Simple and efficient operation.

Suitable for construction site.


Image: Exhaust gas treatment system





Item of treatment tower (combined): processed and manufactured at Viet Water Joint Stock Company's workshop, in an estimated time of 10-15 days. It is then transported to the installation site.

Item of equipment and technology pipeline: Directly installed and calibrated at the installation site, the working time is about 07 - 10 days

To avoid affecting the Company's operations, a detailed progress sheet and implementation plan will be sent to your company after the contract is signed.

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