Supplying microbiological sludge nationwide


Viet Water provides customers with optimal technology solutions, in accordance with the lowest and most effective investment costs. We Supply microbiological sludge nationwide.


Cung cấp bùn vi sinh toàn quốcSupplying microbiological sludge nationwide

Provide technical drawings, instructions and construction supervision for the items that the Investor can perform.
After design, construction, operation, etc. Viet Water will train and transfer technology completely to partners.
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You are looking to treat wastewater by the optimal method with the best cost.

The Company's wastewater source is a problem that needs to be solved to ensure environmental requirements.

Your customers apply environmental ISO to your products.

Viet Water always provides liquid and dry microbiological sludge for wastewater treatment system at the best cost.

Your wastewater contains many heavy metals such as: Hg, As, Ni, Cr, Cd, Cu, Pb, .....

In addition, microbial sludge also has the effect of rapidly reducing COD and BOD in wastewater.

Biological sludge properties.
These microorganisms will break down organic matter into final products, CO2 and H2O.

The aerobic biological treatment of wastewater consists of three stages:

Oxidize organic matter.
CxHyOz + O2  –> CO2 + H2O + ΔH

New cell synthesis
CxHyOz + NH3 + O2 –> bacterial cells +  CO2 + H2O + C5H7NO2 – ΔH

Intracellular breakdown
C5H7NO2 +  O2 –> 5CO2 + 2H2O + NH3 + ΔH

To design and operate an aerobic microbial sludge system effectively, it is essential to understand the important role that microbial populations play. These microorganisms will decompose organic substances in wastewater and collect energy to convert into CO2, H2O, NO3-, SO42-... Generally, microorganisms exist in the activated sludge system. including:

- Pseudomonas.
- Zoogloea.
- Achrombacter.
- Flacobacterium.
- Nocardia.
- Bdellovibrio.
- Mycobatea.

And 2 types of nitrifying bacteria are:

- Nitrosomonas.
- Nitrobacter.

Selection of wastewater treatment technology.
The principles are based on:

Low investment cost.
Low operating and maintenance costs.
Environmentally friendly technology.
No secondary waste is generated.
VIET WATER JSC would like to introduce to customers the most effective wastewater treatment technology today, meeting the criteria of the business. Ensure the output wastewater meets QCVN 14:2008/BTNMT National technical regulation on domestic wastewater.
VIET WATER Joint Stock Company supplies a large number of microbiological sludge nationwide. When it is necessary to use microbiological sludge to treat wastewater with the best price:

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