Purified water treatment, bottled water

Purified water treatment, bottled water

Viet Water provides customers with optimal technology solutions, in accordance with the lowest and most effective investment costs. Provide technical drawings, instructions and construction supervision for the items that the Investor can perform.


After design, construction, operation, etc. Viet Water will train and transfer technology completely to partners.
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You are looking to build a clean water treatment system, drinking water, purified water with reasonable cost, stable operation, high quality, low operating cost.
It is necessary to treat your input clean water source with high quality, criteria to meet the requirements of production and use of specific industries such as: food processing, healthcare, milk processing, bottled water, etc. …
The clean water treatment system of your company is often having problems, the parameters in the clean water after treatment or fluctuations are difficult to control.

Based on the requirements of the treatment level and the target of using clean water of customers, Viet Water will provide the most appropriate and effective treatment solution.

Some bases for choosing treatment technology:

  • Total amount of water to be treated: m3/day or m³/h.
  • Working pressure: bar
  • Water source: Well water, supply water or lake water.
  • Inlet water quality : Actual sampling for analysis
  • Treatment water quality : Treatment level required.
  • Application : Purpose of use

Nước tinh khiết – Quy mô công nghiệpImage Pure water – Industrial scale

Viet Water provides technology with advantages that can well meet customer requirements, modern and popular technologies with the following advantages:

Low initial investment cost.
Low operating costs.
Fast construction time within 1 - 4 weeks for systems with small and medium capacity.
The water quality after treatment is stable.
Warranty period 12-18 months, lifetime maintenance for the system.

Based on the nature of the input water source and treatment requirements, treatment methods will be proposed to suit the requirements.

The treatment steps will change in accordance with the inlet wastewater characteristics and treatment level requirements. The process usually goes through 3 stages:

Stage 1 – Pretreatment: Water softening – deodorizing – iron and manganese removal: The aim is to pre-treat, reduce impurities significantly, ensure stable input water quality and protect the components. important details of the system.
Stage 2 – Main treatment: Reverse osmosis – fine filtration: The purpose is to thoroughly remove impurities, demineralize up to 99% with a membrane with suitable pore size.
Stage 3 – Finishing treatment: Purification and sterilization: This is the finishing stage of the water product. Applying multi-level purification technique, second sterilization with UV light. The water after treatment has high purity, meets quality standards for hygiene and safety, has a good smell and taste.

Image: RO water treatment system for medical use

Customers who need to consult, build and install a pure and bottled water treatment system according to their needs and purposes, please contact Viet Water for advice and provide the best solutions.

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