Domestic wastewater treatment with SBR technology

Domestic wastewater treatment with SBR . technology

Viet Water JSC provides customers with optimal technology solutions, in line with the goal of EFFICIENCY and COST REDUCTION for investment and operation.

Xử lý nước thải sinh hoạt công nghệ SBR
Domestic wastewater treatment with SBR . technology

Domestic wastewater treatment system TLC Building - Saigon Newport Corporation, City. HCM.
Wastewater treatment system SOWATCO Port District 9, City. HCM.
Domestic wastewater treatment system in office area of ​​Tay Ninh solar power plant
Domestic wastewater treatment system Jamila Khang Dien Apartment, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City
Domestic wastewater treatment system at Cho Lon Plastic Company's factory, TP. Ho Chi Minh City

You need to build a domestic wastewater treatment system with reasonable cost, stable operation to meet discharge standards, and low operating costs.
The Company's wastewater source is a problem that needs to be solved to ensure environmental requirements.
Need to find a reputable environmental treatment company to treat domestic wastewater (apartment, restaurant, hotel, resort, ...) and handle environmental problems.
The wastewater treatment system of your company often has problems, the parameters in the domestic wastewater after treatment are volatile and difficult to control.

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Wastewater generated from domestic activities contains many different impurities, of which more than 50% are organic substances, the rest are inorganic substances and a large number of microorganisms. The majority of microorganisms in wastewater are usually in the form of viruses and bacteria that cause disease, etc.

The characteristics of domestic wastewater are shown in the following table:


Image: Domestic wastewater treatment system

The principles are based on:

Low investment cost.
Low operating and maintenance costs.
Environmentally friendly technology.
No secondary waste is generated.
VIET WATER JSC would like to introduce to customers the most effective wastewater treatment technology today, meeting the criteria of the business. Ensure the output wastewater meets QCVN 14:2008/BTNMT National Technical Regulation on domestic wastewater.


In addition to the above technology diagram, depending on the site conditions, design requirements, operability, etc., other technologies can be used.

This is the technological process of domestic wastewater treatment that meets the current regulations of the competent authorities. Depending on the level of output treatment and input wastewater characteristics, it is possible to add or reduce the unit work items accordingly.

Advantages of technology

Waste water treatment complies with current regulations.

Saving the construction area of the wastewater treatment system helps to save investment costs.

The system works automatically.

Low operating and maintenance costs for wastewater treatment systems.

No secondary odors and substances are generated during operation.

Initial investment costs are not too large.

Image: Wastewater after treatment of domestic wastewater treatment system Can Tho garbage factory, capacity 100 m3/day

Construction solutions
Currently, there are many methods of construction of wastewater treatment systems. Depending on the actual situation at the enterprise, we have different system layouts. Viet Water would like to present some popular construction methods today.

Construction method of bricks, reinforced concrete: This method is quite classic, but still popular in many cases. Depending on the needs, we can build full sound or half floating half sound.

Image: Wastewater treatment system made of concrete, brick

Advantages :

Durable and solid.
Popular so easy to build, no need for environmental expertise.
Build many different shapes, flexible.
Construction methods of steel, composite, PVC: These are some improved construction methods for businesses that do not have much construction area and want to save costs.

Image: Wastewater treatment system made of steel, composite, PVC

Advantages :

Does not take up much space, compact.
Costs are significantly reduced.
Flexibility in relocating and increasing modules.
Fast construction.


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