Clean water treatment – Treatment of groundwater, well water


Viet Water provides customers with optimal technology solutions, suitable for investment costs and lowest efficiency in Clean Water Treatment - Treatment of underground water, tank water.

Clean water treatment – ​​Treatment of groundwater, well water nước

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You are looking to build a clean water treatment system, drinking water with reasonable cost, stable operation, high quality, low operating cost.
Your input clean water source is contaminated with pollutants and is a problem that needs to be solved to ensure the requirements for production and use.
The clean water treatment system of your company is often having problems, the parameters in the clean water after treatment or fluctuations are difficult to control.

Viet Water provides technology with advantages that can well meet customer requirements, modern and popular technologies with the following advantages:

  • Low initial investment cost.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Fast construction time within 1 - 4 weeks for systems with small and medium capacity.
  • The water quality after treatment is stable.
  • Warranty period 12-18 months, lifetime maintenance for the system.

By type of position exists relative to the ground:

Shallow ground water: water without pressure, the range of water fluctuations (2-4m) > can be used for water supply.
Medium depth groundwater: usually unpressurized groundwater. Better quality > use water supply.
Deep circuit immersion water: between the barrier layers, water has pressure, flow, stable quality > widely used.
According to pressure:

Groundwater has no pressure: shallow depth, on the free surface, the pressure is the same.
Pressurized groundwater: between two aquifers, the pressure in different locations will be different.
General properties of groundwater
Groundwater is usually less contaminated with organic matter, the quality is generally good. In some areas, groundwater can be used directly without pre-treatment.
Groundwater quality is highly dependent on the geology and stratigraphic structure of the area, groundwater is often highly mineralized, may contain dissolved gases, and contains iron and manganese. Iron content ranges from a few mg/l to tens of mg/l. In many areas water sources can be saline or have high hardness.
The quality of shallow groundwater is directly affected by polluted surface water and weather, so the quality is low.
Groundwater may contain the following ions: Calcium Ca2+, Magnesium Mg2+, Sodium Na+, NH4+, Sulfate SO42-, Chloride Cl–, Iron Ion, Manganese Ion, Dissolved O2, H2S, Methane CH4 and CO2,...

 Hình ảnh: Nước giếng bị nhiễm bẩn
Image: Well water is contaminated

Table: Groundwater properties in Nghe An


Bảng: Tính chất nước ngầm tại Nghệ An

Table: Groundwater properties in Nghe An

Based on the nature of the input water source and treatment requirements, treatment methods will be proposed to suit the requirements.

In case of water contaminated with iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn):
+ Apply the aeration method to handle.
+ Typical treatment works: rain rig to make ventilation.


 Giàn mưa làm thoáng

Image: Rain boots make it airy

+ Reduce iron by strong oxidizing agents such as: Cl2, O3, KMnO4, ...

+ Lime iron reduction: This method is often combined with processes to stabilize or soften water.

In addition, there are many other processing methods that can be applied such as:
+ Processed by microfiltration method.

Treatment by ion exchange method.

+ Treatment by reverse osmosis method.


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